Our experienced audit specialists can help you with all aspects of limited and regular audits.

Our internal and external auditing services include the following in particular:

  • Regular audits
  • Limited audits
  • Formation audits
  • Audits of capital increases
  • Audits of capital reductions
  • Audits of early distributions of assets


Many SMEs are required to conduct limited audits. If a statutory regular audit is not requested, and subject to the approval of all shareholders/partners, companies with fewer than 10 full-time staff (average over the year) can choose not to conduct an audit (opt-out).

Based on our many years of auditing experience, we know there are good reasons for carrying out an audit. One of the most important is the quality of the annual accounts, as a professionally conducted regular or limited audit boosts their informative value. Your company benefits directly from this because the recipients of the accounts (board of directors, shareholders, banks, creditors, tax authorities, etc.) gain greater confidence in your company’s figures. SMEs in particular can become overwhelmed by the increasingly complex accounting standards they must apply when presenting their annual accounts. We can help you increase the quality and informative value of your annual accounts and record keeping, and strengthen confidence in your company over the long term. and benefit from their years of experience and in-depth technical expertise.

In addition to conventional annual accounts, it goes without saying that we can also assist you with other, non-standard audits. Our ‘approved audit experts’ can take care of formation audits, audits of capital increases or capital reductions, and audits of early distributions of assets. Auditing, bookkeeping, limited external and internal audits and more – your corporate services firm in Zurich.

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