Company formation

Company formation in Switzerland – let us advise you

There are a host of legal aspects that need to be considered when setting up a company. The first step is to decide on the company’s legal form. This sets the path for the company’s subsequent development and has a crucial impact on business success.

The three most common legal forms in Switzerland are:

  • Sole proprietorship (partnership)
  • Limited liability company
  • Joint-stock company


While limited liability companies and joint-stock companies are incorporated, sole proprietorships and partnerships are formed by individuals. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are primarily liable through the company’s assets, but the owner’s personal assets may also be used to meet debts and obligations in the event of liability. As a result, the owners of sole proprietorships or partnerships are closely linked with their company.

In contrast to sole proprietorships or partnerships, incorporated companies are based on capital. In the event of liability, the share capital (equity) is used to meet debts and obligations. With an incorporated company, there must be strict separation between personal and business assets. Each legal form has advantages and disadvantages – it is therefore very important that business owners have in-depth knowledge of the relevant circumstances and requirements. Our staff will be happy to advise you on the most suitable legal form for your company and on all other issues relating to company formation.

Good preparation and advice adapted to your specific situation makes it easier for you to decide on your legal form and get your company off the ground. with us and reap the benefits of our comprehensive advice on company formation in Switzerland.


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