Management consulting

Complex financial, legal and tax issues call for a high level of expertise and knowledge.

As an experienced partner for SMEs, we can support you in all phases of your business activity. Whether you’re drafting a business plan, carrying out a liquidation or setting up a new company, our vast network enables us to offer you targeted, comprehensive advice. Our management consulting services can help you address all questions relating to the following:

  • Company formation (start-up consulting)
  • Assistance with drawing up business plans and budgets
  • Mergers
  • Transformation
  • Restructuring
  • Liquidation

Do you urgently need someone to handle your company’s financial management? Then you’ve come to the right place. Zollicont Treuhand AG can take care of your financial management on a temporary basis (part-time CFO) – a constructive transitional solution to ease the burden on your staff.

We will provide you with professional management consulting services for key entrepreneurial topics.

Company formation

When setting up a company, deciding on the right legal form is the first step towards business success. As management consultants, we are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the various legal forms. We can help you draft your articles of association, draw up the agreement on contributions in kind and the transfer of assets, and carry out all the other activities involved in setting up a company. If you have upcoming meetings with banks or other lenders, it is vital to have your bookkeeping and accounting processes in place at an early stage. You often also need to have a detailed budget or business plan ready ahead of these meetings. If you are recruiting staff shortly after setting up your company, we can help you draw up legally valid contracts and identify the best possible insurance solution for you.

Business-Plan and Budget

The business plan and budget help you define clear goals for your company and position yourself intelligently in the market. A detailed and coherent business plan is essential if you are to convince investors about your new company and the concept behind it. Business plans and budgets are also key elements of a due diligence process – investors assess the attractiveness of your company primarily on the basis of its business plan. We can offer you comprehensive advice on drawing up the sort of business plan and budget that investors are looking for.


If a company has a deficit or is excessively indebted, restructuring measures need to be implemented. We can show you a range of restructuring options and help you implement them correctly and professionally.


Liquidation involves winding down a company by selling off its assets. We can support you through your liquidation process by acting as liquidator – we notify creditors and prepare the final liquidation balance sheet. We will accompany your firm right through to the deletion of its entry in the commercial register.

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