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your tax advisor in Zurich

Complex national and international tax laws regularly pose challenges for both SMEs and private individuals. As an experienced tax advisor, we can leverage our extensive expertise to support you with all your tax issues. We can accompany you throughout, from launching your career to starting a family and right through to retirement. You can rely on our experience and expertise at every stage of your life. Let the Zollicont professionals take care of your complicated tax calculation and tax return for you.

We offer the following services in relation to tax calculations and tax returns:

  • Tax returns for SMEs
  • Tax returns for private individuals
  • Assessment audits, objections
  • Tax consultancy and tax planning
  • VAT consulting
  • Withholding tax consulting
  • Consulting on special taxes (property gains tax, gift tax, inheritance tax)

As an experienced tax consultant, we can handle all aspects of your tax return and advise you on legally permissible tax optimisation strategies. We take your individual objectives into account at all times and make you aware of possible tax deductions. Let a professional take care of your tax return and benefit from our tax expertise.

Company or private individual

Whether a company or a private individual, your tax advisor is at your service

Business and personal tax returns are usually closely linked. As a tax calculation expert, we can therefore help you draw up both the annual accounts for your company and fill in your personal tax return.

We can plan and calculate your tax burden, audit the estimate and assessment, and raise objections if required. We can also advise you on non-standard special taxes such as property gains tax, inheritance tax or gift tax. If you would like to find out more about our tax advice services, please do not hesitate to .


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